Selling Live Edge Slabs in South Shore, MA

Rustic-themed properties are coming back into the limelight of residential interior designs. The use of wooden furniture and decorations is an indispensable feature for these types of theme. This is the reason why we, at Smokeys Firewood, continue to provide live edge slabs especially for places like Plymouth, MA where these kinds of home styles are suited for homes in both the coastal and forested areas of the place. 

There are many benefits of using live edge slabs for your woodcraft and construction projects. One of which is because using live edge slabs is slowly becoming popular because of its unique characteristics. It can showcase the creativity of furniture makers because of its challenging dimensions that often results in fascinating outputs.

Aside from giving your home a warmer and more cozy ambience, using live edge slabs has more to it than meets the eye. Preserving the beauty of wood in different furniture can give your home a natural touch that is timeless and always relevant. Not to mention how it can beautifully match almost every single room you place it in. These types of furniture and wood decors can add a touch of nature to the interior design even if the overall look if the home is modern.

Trust us at Smokeys Firewood to provide you with quality and best suited live edge slabs for your next project in Plymouth, MA and other surrounding areas. You can speak with us directly by calling 508-317-7718.  You can also send us an email at or fill out the form in our CONTACT US page. Here at Smokeys Firewood, quality is our highest priority.

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