My Firewood is generally cut to 16" - 17” with an approximate diameter of 3" - 4" inches.
Pricing is based on One Cord [128 cubic feet (4 x 4 x 8)].

Seasoned$295 (Half = $200)
Semi Seasoned$275
Fire-pit Special$125 (Half cord with an equal mix of Hardwood and Pine)
Stacking$60 Per Cord
Seasoned20% moisture, preferable 12-15%. Burns efficiently, clean and hot.
Semi Seasoned21 - 29%, burns on its own around 25%. Less efficient and potential for creosote build-up. Often used with Seasoned for overnight burns.
Unseasonedabove 30% moisture. Requires 4 - 12 months to dry depending upon several factors. Very bad for chimney, not much heat. Generally less expensive.

Delivery = Whichever is greater, $20 minimum or $1.50 per mile one cord, $2.00 per mile two cords.

firewood image
firewood image

Special lengths 8" - 15" expect an added $50 processing charge. (This does not apply to lengths of 16" - 24"s).